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Vintage Real Estate Services customizes its services to meet the individual needs of Boards. Contact us today to discuss how our tailored approach can meet the individual needs of your property.

Comprehensive Accounting Services

  • Bill and collect maintenance, common charges and rent
  • Bookkeeping and maintenance of accurate and current records
  • Management and payment of all bills, utilities, mortgages and taxes
  • Payroll of building staff with direct deposit at no extra cost
  • Preparation of annual operating budgets

On-Site Service

  • Management, training and supervision of building staff
  • Coordination of renovations and site improvement projects
  • Management of service orders and complaints
  • Attendance of all board and building meetings, feedback integrated into day-to-day operations

Other Benefits

  • Coordination of unit resales
  • Rapid response to all issues and requests, same-day service when possible
  • Trustworthy contacts including architects, contractors, engineers and other outside vendors



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